Focused Sustainable Development Solutionss LLP is established under Limited Partnership Act, 2008 with members having wide experience in the field of sustainable development.


Focused Sustainable Development Solutions LLP is established under Limited Partnership Act, 2008 with members having wide experience in the field of CSR, Sustainable Development & HSE. The team is being formed in a way that the best of experiences and knowledge are available for the clients.

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Message from CEO

As CEO FSDS, I take the privilege in conveying our intent, philosophy and approach.

Professional knowhow, practical Solutions & the practices in multiple areas viz: CSR, Sustainability, Health, Safety & Environment is our USP and this supports personnel at all levels from different organisations in better understanding & the effective execution of programmes. The clarity about interrelated aspects in the multiple areas provide required impetus towards good planning and resource utilisation. Human assets are required to be nurtured & exposure to the specialised programmes help them in updating the skillsets.

We help, assist and provide inputs in shaping & instilling confidence among personnel at different levels, helping them improve their work performance. Low carbon pursuits to Sustainable Development as a strategic business choice would be necessary keeping in view the emerging global scenario & the challenges. The interface between business, society & the environment and how it is managed is part of the corporate responsibility. Strategic planning & the roadmap need therefore to encompass all aspects suitably. Continuous updating and regular learning are the best way forward for growth and development.

Climate change is real and therefore collective effort is necessary on real time basis to meet the challenges. Environment landscape is changing fast and it calls for an urgent & planned action collectively by all in best responsible manner. This is absolutely necessary for the individual & collective well-being. Our professional training is all about enabling personnel understand & take actions that are practical, long term & economically viable.

We go beyond the established standards & help attain global vision with focus on the national priorities, present requirements and the insights in their chosen fields.

External assurance goes a long way in ensuring not only quality inputs but also due diligence in the whole process, be it matter of personnel or report or procedure review or setting guidelines etc, We bring on board the expertise necessary to undertake such tasks in a comprehensive manner.

Guidance & mentoring by the experts from industry is the cornerstone of our training philosophy. Our team members are equally good supervisors & instructors for the ongoing tasks.

FSDS endeavours to support organisations in the multiple industry sectors.